1stGen Electrical Mount V1.5


Our electrical mount helps keep your accessories more organized. It mounts above the OEM fuse box and removes with a few 10mm hardware.

We absolutely love using it with the 8gang switch system which allows us to only route 4 wires through the firewall.



  • For mounting some electrical hardware in the engine bay, above the fuse box.

  • I highly recommend getting the 8Gang/AUXBEAM 8 Switch System.

Compatible Components (without drilling):

  • Recommended: 8 Gang Switch System or AUXBEAM 8 Switch System

  • Bluesea 12V 5031, 5034/5029

  • 12v Circuit Breaker (one is included in the 8gang/auxbeam system)

Tech Specs:

  • Made in USA

  • Made of: 5052 Aluminum ⅛”

  • Manufacturing Process: Lasercut & Formed.

  • Finish: Sandblasted & Powdercoated Semi-gloss Black with Texture

Additional Required Items Not Included:

  • Hardware to Mount Components


  • (1) Main Bracket

  • (1) Rear Support Bracket

  • (1) 3 Different Front Battery Bracket

  • Hardware to Mount to Engine Bay


$90 including UPS CONUS

*Fees included with Zelle & Venmo*