Q. Do install instructions come with the product?

A. Yes. I'll send you a PDF of all the install instructions for the product. You can always send us a DM or email.

Q. Can I get (insert product) but without (whatever thing you don't like)?

A. Unfortunately, I don't do custom products, designs, or kits. The products come as is and you can modify it to fit your needs.

Q. Why is shipping included in the price?

A. Shipping is typically $10-20, and it's easier for me to give a standard price and be off by a few cents, than to give an exact quote.

A. For reference, shipping 1lb (dash mount) is around $10, and then shipping 3lb (compressor mount) is $18.

A. I only use UPS for shipping.

Q. What payment is accepted?

A. Venmo, Zelle, Paypal

Q. Can I get a sponsor/discount if I share your products on X Y Z?

A. I wish things were free, but please respect my time.