1stGen Overhead Switch Mount V2.0

V2 installed in Cab. Switch System itself not included


This switch mount is to replace part of the overhead console assembly, and to allow the mounting of the 8gang switch panel. It has an OEM fitment and small textured surface due to the 3D printing process.

This mounting position for the switch panel is ideal as it's out of the way but still within reach. Also, by using the 8gang switch system, you eliminate thick wires going through the firewall with conventional rocker switches.

You will retain the factory sunglasses holding function by pressing the locking button.



  • For mounting 8gang switch panel in place of the sunglasses holder in the Sequoia.

  • Retains sunglasses holding functionality.

  • Factory Fitment with an Industrial Textured Finish.

Tech Specs:

  • Made in USA

  • Made of: Nylon12

  • Finish: Dyed Black with a textured finish.

  • Manufacturing Process: MJF 3D Printed

Additional Required Items Not Included:

  • 8Gang Switch Panel or AUXBEAM 8 Switch Panel


  • (1) Sunglasses Mount


$100 including UPS CONUS starting May 16,2022.